Coaching  provides you with a unique relationship that is  Non Judgemental ,  Supportive  and  Enriching

Coaching provides you with a unique relationship that is Non Judgemental, Supportive and Enriching

  • Do you need to stop and give yourself some time and attention?

  • Do you want to take better care of yourself & make your wellness a priority & reality for you?

  • Would you like to learn more about Mindfulness but you don’t have time to join a class or you prefer to tailor your learning at a time and way that suits you?

If so, this 1:1 Mindfulness Coaching is right for you!

One to One Mindfulness Coaching - How this works?

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Once you get in touch, we will arrange to have a ‘Discovery Session’ together This is for us to meet each other either face to face or online so I can hear more about you would like and need and you can hear from me what I can offer. If you feel we are a good match and I can be of help to you, we will schedule some sessions together.  This initial session is offered free of charge.

The following 1:1 Coaching Sessions can be offered face to face in Cork (Ireland) or Online via Skype or Zoom.


One to One Mindfulness Coaching - the process

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Coaching provides a unique relationship for a client that is Non Judgemental, Supportive and Enriching that is solely focused on empowering the client to be at their best. Cultivating a high level of awareness is crucial to live a life that is authentic, real and satisfying for you. Cultivating Mindfulness, your ability to be aware, awake and present to whatever is happening in your life supports you to make decisions & choices that are in line with your deepest and most authentic self honouring an inner knowing of what is called for right now?

Cultivating mindfulness awakens your innate capacity to be more present to yourself, your body, feelings, thoughts and emotions and learn to listen deeply & trust more fully your own innate wisdom and knowing.

Practicing mindfulness in daily life supports one to become more aware of one’s own patterns and ways of doing and being that keep you stuck and with greater awareness, new opportunities arise to work with things in different, creative and more responsive ways in line with who you really want to be in your family, in your work and in your life.

Nourishing Mindfulness and self compassion helps us to relate to our ourselves with a genuine greater level of understanding, kindness and acceptance and thus supports us to feel more connected inwardly and outwardly in our relationships with others.

In my coaching work with clients, I introduce clients to a wide variety of Mindfulness practices supporting them to learn how to integrate the practice of Mindfulness into their own daily lives in a way that resonates for them.


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