2 Day Introduction to Mindfulness & MBSR

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  • Dates: Saturday August 24th & Sunday August 25th 2019

  • Time: 10am -4pm

  • Venue: Northridge House Education Centre, St. Luke’s home, Blackrock, Cork

  • Cost: €150

Is this Mindfulness Course right for me?

This weekend offers you some valuable time for yourself; to slow down, to recharge and be nourished from the busyness of your daily life learning about mindfulness, how to practice it and how it can support you to bring greater ease, less stress and more balance & peace into your daily life.

What will you learn in these 2 days?

  • You will be introduced to & practice a wide variety of mindfulness practices as taught in the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme (MSBR) including connecting with your breath, body awareness, mindful movement & mindful walking.

  • We will look at stress and new ways of responding to yourself and the challenges and stresses you face with greater kindness & compassion building your resilience, self confidence and trust in yourself.

  • Understand the benefits of mindfulness for health and well being & brain development from the latest research.

  • Self Compassion - Learn new ways of being with yourself, befriend your experience and open to yourself with attention, kindness and compassion

  • Understand how to integrate mindfulness into your daily life at home and at work.

What is MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)?

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The world renowned Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR) was founded in 1979 by Dr Jon Kabat- Zinn at the Centre for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Boston, USA.  Since its beginnings,  it has supported thousands of people from across the globe develop skills that support them be an active participant in their own wellness. The Centre for Mindfulness in Boston is the global home of the MSBR Programme , The MBSR Teacher Training Institute Oasis and a leader in scientific research showing the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation and the MBSR Programme.

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How is this course taught

The Course is highly experiential in nature.  The course is not taught in lecture format but rather encourages participants to learn from their own lived experience by practicing mindfulness and being more present and aware moment by moment throughout the days. Participants are encouraged to listen to their own inner teacher and wisdom of the body, mind, and heart that always knows.


Throughout the 2 days you will be guided in


●   Mindfulness Meditation Practices including breath awareness, body awareness and some gentle stretching,  hatha yoga & mindful movement exercises.

●    There will be space to share if you wish reflections about our own experiences doing the practices and what you are learning

●    There will be time for Personal Reflection & Group Discussion about particular topics.

Course Facilitators

This Course will be facilitated by Clodagh McCarthy & John Cummins, MBSR Teachers trained by the Centre for Mindfulness, University of Massacheuttes Medical School, Boston.

To read more about Clodagh, please go here

To read more about John, Please go here

More about Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a way of living & being in the present moment. Mindfulness is instinctive to all of us but with the rush of modern day living we often lose touch with our capacity to simply ‘ Be’, being present to what is happening right here and now both within ourselves and around us.

Mindfulness is an experiential way for you learn how to take better care of yourself by exploring the connection and interplay between your mind and body.

Cultivating Mindfulness allows you to look at your stressors and habitual ways of responding to stress and exploring new approaches and ideas that help you respond more skillfully supporting you to live with a greater sense of ease, calm and peacefulness.


What mindfulness is NOT about:

Relaxation - although one may feel more relaxed after practicing

Positive Thinking - Only having ‘ nice’ thoughts or having no Thoughts; Mindfulness is about seeing our thoughts as they are... thoughts , coming and going.

Feeling only nice things, being calm and peaceful - Mindfulness is about being awake to our experience however it is.. and being gentle, kind and understanding with yourself in that.