5 Day Mindfulness Course

Based on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme

5-day Mindfulness Course DEPOSIT


Is this Mindfulness Course right for me?

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This course is for anyone who wishes to take a few days away from the busyness of their usual day taking time to take care of themselves & nourish themselves in a very deep way.

This course offers you the opportunity to stop, pause & learn how to practice mindfulness & bring it into your daily personal and professional life.  This course also offers you the possibility of experiencing the MBSR Programme in a different format rather than the traditional 8 Week Course

This 5 Day Course is approved by the Irish Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland for CEU’s and may be of benefit to you for your CPD.

This programme is delivered in various locations around Ireland


What is MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)?

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The world renowned Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR) was founded in 1979 by Dr Jon Kabat- Zinn at the Centre for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Boston, USA.  Since its beginnings,  it has supported thousands of people from across the globe develop skills that support them be an active participant in their own wellness. The Centre for Mindfulness in Boston is the global home of the MSBR Programme , The MBSR Teacher Training Institute Oasis and a leader in scientific research showing the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation and the MBSR Programme.


What's involved in the 5 Day Mindfulness Course?

Traditionally, the MBSR Programme is offered as an 8 Week Course but we are now delighted to be offer you the opportunity to experience this programme as a 5 Day Programme.

  • Pre Course Orientation Call with your Teacher before we begin. This gives you an opportunity to hear more about the course and for me to check in with you. I can also clarify any questions you may have about the course.
  • 5 Consecutive Days of the Course with a2. 5 Hour Morning Session & 2.5hourAfternoon Sessions
  • Full Day of Mindfulness Practice in Silence on Day 4 from 10am - 4.00pm.
  • Non Residential although you may like to stay locally and immerse yourself fully in this time.


Each session, participants will be introduced and guided through:

  • a range of Mindfulness Meditation Practices including: breath awareness, body awareness and some gentle stretching, hatha yoga & mindful movement exercises.
  • We will in engaging in sharing reflections about our own experiences & noticings from practicing and what is being learnt throughout the sessions
  • Take time for Personal Reflection & Group Discussion about particular topics.


Each Session of the course has a particular themes including;

Session One:  What is Mindfulness?

Session Two:  Seeing Clearly & challenging and understanding our perceptions

Session Three: Pleasure and Power from being in the Present Moment

Session Four:  Understanding Stress and our automatic stress reactions

Session Five:   Learning to pause and respond to stress with greater awareness

Session Six:    Mindfulness in Communication - learning to listen deeply

Session Seven: Mindfulness in daily life

Session Eight:  Endings and Beginnings .


What are the benefits from taking this course?

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The benefits of Mindfulness are unique for each participant. It is a journey of self discovery, a waking up in one’s life.  Participants usually find the course a very enriching and nourishing experience with its challenges and surprises too.


Participants report following completion of the course that they experience:

  • An increased ability to relax, slow down and ‘BE’ more in their lives.
  • An ability to cope more effectively with both short and long-term stressful situations
  • Improved self-esteem, self awareness and willingness to care for self. A greater sense of ‘ okayness’ in one’s own skin and willingness to rest more easily in one’s own good company.
  • Increased resilience and capacity to deal with difficult thoughts and emotions and work more compassionately with oneself and in turn relate to others with a greater sense of understanding, care and kindness.
  • Greater energy and enthusiasm for life.
  • Increased sense of balance and well being as one learns to make and take more personal responsibility in making more conscious nourishing choices about one’s life.
  • Increased ability for living in the present moment and awareness of when one isn’t and how to come back.
  • Greater appreciation and acceptance for oneself and one’s life as it is right now and greater understanding & wisdom of the nature of change, growing and learning.


Testimonials from past course participants:

I really enjoyed the course and found the benefit of having 5 days together. It was more like a retreat and time to think away from daily activities. It was great to be able to look at yourself, reflect without any expectations. The atmosphere was really comfortable, I felt at ease and supported.
— Rachel, Co. Limerick (Course Participant)
I loved the Body Scan and the pieces Clodagh read during our sittings. The day of silence and the silent lunch was beautiful and something I didn’t realise I needed. I loved the course, it was excellent and I’ve learned so much about myself, more than I expected.
— Karen, Co. Cork (Course Participant)


What is Mindfulness?

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Mindfulness is an experiential way for you to learn how to take better care of yourself by exploring the connection and interplay between your mind and body.



Cultivating Mindfulness allows you to: 

  • look at your stressors and habitual ways of responding to stress.
  • It supports us to learn to be present to this experience and maybe respond with greater insights and wisdom.
  • It enables you  to live with a greater sense of ease, calm and peacefulness within yourself and with your life

What mindfulness is NOT about:

Relaxation - although one may feel more relaxed after practicing

Positive Thinking - Only having ‘ nice’ thoughts or having no Thoughts; Mindfulness is about seeing our thoughts as they are... thoughts , coming and going.

Feeling only nice things, being calm and peaceful - Mindfulness is about being awake to our experience however it is.. and being gentle, kind and understanding with yourself in that.