6 Week Mindfulness Course for Teenagers ( Age 14-18)

Mindfulness for Teenagers

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Adolescence is a time of great changes for Young People. Rapid changes in the brain and body produce an array of different experiences, feelings and emotions for teens to manage & navigate. It can be time of great anxiety, stress, fear and insecurity for many teens as they negotiate the way through school, exams, friendships, relationships and making choices about the future. With this stress and worry often comes problems with sleep, concentration, difficulties with exams and managing relationships at home & with friends. 

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To help your teenage daughter or son deal with this challenging time, Bright Sparks Coaching is delighted to offer a new 6 Week Mindfulness Course for Young People between 14- 18 years old.

The course gives young people an opportunity to come together with other young people to learn and practice a wide variety of mindfulness practices incorporating exercises from Eline Snel’s books, Sitting Still Like a Frog & Breathe Through This.

We will also explore;

  • How to deal mindfully with stress , worry and difficult thoughts

  • How to be kinder and more compassionate to oneself

  • How to integrate mindfulness into our communication & relationships with others

Next Course Details:

The next course will start in September 2019. Dates and Venues will be added soon

Each Class includes: 

  • Guided Mindfulness Practices - Time to stop, breathe and be

  • Group Discussion - Learning from each others experiences

  • Personal Reflection - Learning more about one self.

  • Participants will be encouraged to continue to practice daily at home using guided recordings given & the Sitting Still Like a Frog APP

What are the benefits of this Mindfulness Programme for my Teen?

Mindfulness can provide teens with a safe haven to take some time for themselves to tune out of technology and tune into themselves learning how to:

  • Focus, Concentrate and Observe what is happening in the present moment, learning to pause and notice rather than just react on Autopilot

  • Be in contact with their bodies, feelings and emotions and know how to mindfully and ‘kind fully’ manage these

  • Calm themselves down, relax more, and let go some of the tension they are holding on too

  • Deal with worry and difficult thoughts

  • Build communication skills & integrate mindfulness into their communication and relationships with others.

  • Increase their self confidence learning to trust themselves more fully

  • Develop a kinder relationship with themselves & in turn with others