Mindfulness for Children AGE 8-12

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Mindfulness for Children AGE 8-12


Next Course Details:

Dates & Times: Saturday Mornings 10am - 11pm

Venue: St. luke’s Edcucation Centre, Castle Road, Blackrock, Co.Cork

For Children Aged 8- 12 years old


Mindfulness course for children details:

Each week the children will be introduced a wide variety of guided mindfulness practices, stories, playful movement and yoga. We will share together our experiences of practicing and learn together in a fun, kind and open way.  The Children will be encouraged to practice at home using the book & CD Sitting Still Like a Frog.

The Course is suitable for all children, with and without a diagnosis.

It can be very supportive for children with ADHD, ADD,  Dyslexia, dyspraxia and those on the Autistic Spectrum.