Mindfulness for Teens ONLINE (age 14-18)

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Mindfulness for Teens ONLINE (age 14-18)


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mindfulness classes held by Clodagh McCarthy using ZOOM software

No pre-recorded videos -  classes are held in a real time


Why mindfulness for teens ONLINE course:

Mindfulness can provide teens with a safe haven to take some time for themselves to learn how to :

  • Focus, Concentrate and Observe what is happening in the present moment, learning to pause and notice rather than just react on Autopilot
  • Be in contact with their bodies, feelings and emotions and know how to mindfully and ‘kind fully’ manage these
  • Calm themselves down, relax more, and let go some of the tension they are holding on too.
  • Deal with worry and difficultthoughts
  • Build Communication Skills & integrate mindfulness into their communication and relationships with others.
  • Increase their self confidence learning to trust themselves more fully
  • Develop a kinder relationship with themselves & in turn with others.

This course is suitable for all teenagers age 14-18 that for variety of reasons cannot attend the courses held offline.