Mindfulness for Children Courses:

Based on the Book - Sitting Still like a Frog by Eline Snel


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Introducing and teaching Mindfulness to Children & Young People can help them learn some invaluable life skills that enable them to;

  • Focus, Concentrate and Observe Better

  • Be in contact with their bodies, feelings and emotions and know how to mindfully and ‘kind fully’ manage these

  • Calm themselves down, relax more, and learn how to manage and deal with anxiety

  • Build their self confidence

  • Be kinder to themselves and in turn to others



Why Mindfulness for children?

Just like us adults , life for children nowadays can be very busy & very active. They can have trouble sleeping, are easily distracted and often restless. Their heads of full of troubling thoughts and worries at times. The ‘On switch’ works fine so how can we, adults help them find the ‘ OFF Switch’ and learn to value and take time to ‘be’.. still & calm.

About the Programme:

Bright Sparks Coaching is delighted to bring to Ireland the work and courses of Eline Snel,  Fellow MBSR Teacher and Author of the best selling book Sitting Still Like a Frog & Breathe Through This.

Eline adapted the MBSR Programme for Adults to create a new course for Children & Teens which brings the gifts of Mindfulness to Children in a fun, & heart filled way.

Picture created by a child participating in our Mindfulness for Children course in Cork (based on Eline Snel Method)

Picture created by a child participating in our Mindfulness for Children course in Cork (based on Eline Snel Method)

Each week, the children will be introduced a wide variety of guided mindfulness practices, stories, playful movement and yoga. We will share together our experiences of practicing and learn together in a fun, kind and open way.  The Children will be encouraged to practice at home using the book & CD Sitting Still Like a Frog.

The Course is suitable for all children, with and without a diagnosis.

It can be very supportive for children with ADHD, ADD,  Dyslexia, dyspraxia and those on the Autistic Spectrum.




Some comments from Children who have taken the course:


The Course was very nice and soothing. It helped me settle. I learnt how to control my body and my feelings
— Adam, Cork
I loved the course. It was so much fun. I learned ‘ Do not worry, Stay calm, and Be Nice’
— Ciara, Cork
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I love the course. Whenever I saw Clodagh, I felt calm. I really loved listening to your stories about Freddy
— Lucy, Cork
I found the course relaxing. I learned that you should never be mean to other people
— Sean, Cork


If you have any questions about the course please contact me: