Mindfulness for Primary and Secondary School Students

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Bright Sparks Coaching is delighted to bring to Ireland for the first time the work and courses of Eline Snel,  Fellow MBSR Teacher and Author of the best selling book Sitting Still Like a Frog & Breathe Through this.

Just like us adults , life for children & young people nowadays can be very busy & veryactive. They can have trouble sleeping, are easily distracted and often restless. Their heads of full of troubling thoughts and worries at times. The ‘On switch’ works fine so how can we, adults help them find the ‘ OFF Switch’ and learn to value and take time to ‘be’... still & calm.


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Courses for Primary School Students (Read more)

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Introducing and teaching Mindfulness to Children & Young People can help them learn some invaluable life skills that enable them to;

  • Focus, Concentrate and Observe Better
  • Be in contact with their bodies, feelings and emotions and know how to mindfully and ‘kind fully’ manage these
  • Calm themselves down, relax more, and stress less
  • Build their self confidence
  • Be kinder to themselves and in turn to others

Eline Snel adapted the MBSR Programme for Adults to create a new 8 Week Course for Children & Teens which brings the gifts of Mindfulness to Children & Young People in a fun, easy & heart filled way.

Programmes for Primary School Students

Courses for Primary School offered by Bright Sparks Coaching:

Taster Session

8 Week Mindfulness Course for Children



Taster Session for Primary School Children

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I am delighted to visit your school and offer a quick taster session to a particular class. This gives students an opportunity to practice some mindfulness and learn some simple easy techniques that they can use for themselves to help themselves calm down, stress less and feel better.

The session usually lasts: 45 mins

8 Week Mindfulness Course for Children

 Based on the book 'Sitting Still like a Frog' by Eline Snel


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NOTE: The 8 Week Course is suitable for all children, with and without a diagnosis. It can be very supportive for children with ADHD, ADD,  Dyslexia, dyspraxia and those on the Autistic Spectrum.

The Course is taught weekly for 30-40 minutes.


This 8 Week Mindfulness Programme offers the children an opportunity to take some time each week to step away from the busyness of the usual school day and take some time to focus on themselves learning how to in:


Week 1:  Observe & Concentrate

Week 2: Listening to your Body

Week 3: Tasting, Smelling, Hearing & Feeling

Week 4: Patience, Faith, Letting go

Week 5: You can feel Feelings

Week 6: The wondrous world of Thoughts

Week 7:  It’s Fun to be kind

Week 8: The Secret of Happiness


Each week, the children will be introduced a wide variety of guided mindfulness practices, stories, playful movement and yoga. We will share together our experiences of practicing and learn together in a fun, kind and open way.


Testimonials from School Principal, Alice Kingston from Ballinadee National School whose 5th & 6th Class complete the course:

I was very impressed with this course. From the start the children were all totally engaged. I was amazed at their receptiveness to the concept of mindfulness .In the midst of a very full on school day the children were able to quickly tune into their bodies and what was going on for each of them. Clodagh seemed to know intuitively the exact pace at which to proceed. The course was an oasis of calm for us all. The course is a gift well worth receiving.

I feel the children really learned to live in the moment. They were better able to tune into and regulate their feelings as the course progressed. I feel that they also came to an acceptance of the fact that life is not always a bed of roses and that feelings will come and go. I feel the children learned to give themselves the gift of breath and appreciated our quiet contemplative times. Children also learned to bring a fresh mind to situations where they might before have been judgemental. They also I feel began to look more kindly on themselves.

I would recommend this course highly. It is just as beneficial for the teacher as the child. It gave us all a rare chance to take a breather. Schools have become increasingly busy and we are all racing to the tune of various timetables. This course was an eye-opener. I could hardly believe how the children described their inner “weather” for the day. It gave me a wonderful insight into my class. Apart from the children I find the practice of mindfulness has huge personal benefits. Clodagh is a wonderful facilitator
— Alice Kingston, School Principal of Ballinadee National School


Feedback from some children who have taken the course.


Picture by the course participant (Ballinadee National School)

Picture by the course participant (Ballinadee National School)

Picture by the course participant (Ballinadee National School)

Picture by the course participant (Ballinadee National School)

I have learned to be nice to your anger and relax like Freddy.
I love the course. Whenever I saw Clodagh, I felt calm. I really loved listening to your stories about Freddy
The Course was very nice and soothing. It helped me settle. I learnt how to control my body and my feelings
I loved all the classesI have learned that it helps you think
I have learned to be nice to your anger and relax like Freddy.

Programmes for Secondary School Students

Bright Sparks Coaching offers several Mindfulness Courses for Secondary School pupils.


Choose the course you are interested in:

Well Being & Mindfulness Workshop

6 Week ‘Being Mindful ‘Course - 1 Class a week

10 Week Mindfulness Module (Based on the work of Eline Snel) - 1 Class a week

Well Being is a key new subject area of the New Junior Certificate.  Students will be supported to develop a range of key tools and skills to support themselves be an active participant in their own well being including; Being Active, Being Responsible, Being Connected, Being Resilient, Being Respectful and Being Aware.

Being Mindful and practicing Mindfulness in one’s daily life is an integral part of learning to be more aware of oneself, one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions and how to deal with these. Mindfulness also helps young people to learn to be more aware of their automatic ways of dealing with stress and learn new tools to help them learn to push the pause button and respond with greater awareness, respect and kindness.

Mindfulness has many benefits for Young People including:

•         Improved Physical, Emotional and Mental Well Being

•         Improved Sleep

•         Reduced Anxiety

•         Greater ability to  Focus,  Concentrate & Pay Attention therefore leading to a greater capacity to learn & perform well in School & with their hobbies

•         Increased Self Confidence & Kindness towards oneself and in turn to others

•         Creates greater self awareness & understanding of what causes one to stress & worry and mindful tools and techniques to deal with this

•         Improved Emotional Regulation & one's capacity to self regulate.

•         Enhanced Relationships with parents, teachers and peers learning how to integrate mindfulness into communication and their relationships with others

We have worked with many schools around the country including:

•         Colaiste Treasa, Kanturk, Cork

•         St. Brogans Community School, Bandon, Co.Cork

•         Rochestown College, Cork

•         Ursuline School, Blackrock, Cork

•         St. Joseph of Cluny, Co. Dublin

•         Clonkeen College, Blackrock, Co.Dublin

•         Loreto Beaufort High School, Dublin

•         St.Farnan’s Post Primary School, Prosperous, Co. Kildare

•         St. Gerards, Bray, Co.Wicklow

•         St. Angela's College, Cork

•         Regina Mundi College, Cork

Well-Being for Students workshop

Duration: 45min - 1 hour

This short introduction workshop gives students an opportunity to understand mindfulness and its potential benefits for their health and well being.  During the session, students will have an opportunity to engage and practice a few different guided mindfulness practices providing an opportunity for them to stop, breathe and 'be' for a bit.  Students will also begin to understand how mindfulness can potentially help them learn to deal more skillfully with stress, worry, a busy head and the range of feelings and emotions that are part of life.

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6 Week Mindfulness Course (One Class a Week)

secondary school studentst studying

This course offers an space in the week for students to pause and practice mindfulness.  Each week, we will engage with different practices allowing space for exploration and sharing. We will also address in more details how to:



•         Be Mindful & Practice Mindfulness by learning to focus on breathing, body, senses and movement

•         Get out of one’s head and back into one’s own body.

•         Deal with Stress, Tension and Worry in supportive ways

•         Manage Feelings and Emotions in kind ways

•         Be Kind to oneself

10 Week Mindfulness Module - Based on the work of Eline Snel (1-hour a week)

well-being for secondary school students ireland

Bright Sparks Coaching is delighted to offer this new 10 Week Mindfulness Module for Young People based on the work ofEline Snel,  Fellow MBSR Teacher from Holland and Author of the best selling book Sitting Still Like a Frog & Breathe Through this.

Eline’s Programme is an adapted form of the MBSR Programme for Adults created especially to engage young people which mindfulness in fun, easy and accessible way.

This 10 Week Course offers students an opportunity to take some time each week to step away from the busyness of the usual school day and take some time to focus on themselves learning how to in:

Week 1: Observing & Concentrating

Week 2: Out of your head, into your body

Week 3: Tasting, Smelling, Hearing, Feeling

Week 4: You can feel feelings

Week 5: The Think Tank & The Worry Factory

Week 6: Tension & Stress Less

Week 7: The Art of Communication

Week 8: Patience, Faith, & Letting Go

Week 9: Being Nice is Fun

Week 10: The Secret of Happiness


Each Class will include:

•         Guided Mindfulness Practices

•         Group Discussion

•         Personal Reflection using a Student Workbook

•         Participants will be encouraged at home to continue to practice daily using the Sitting Still Like a Frog APP.