Mindfulness for Teachers


Mindfulness is a powerful tool for self care for teachers & all school staff. 

Schools are very busy places. The daily demands of teaching a ‘full’ curriculum dealing with students, parents and colleagues leaves little time for teachers to really focus on themselves, to nourish their sense of well being and refill the well from which they draw upon daily.


Mindfulness Courses for Teachers:

2-Hour Introduction Session for School Staff (Read more)

Mindfulness Summer Course for Teachers (Read more)

Other recommended courses and supports for teachers include:

Train to Teach Mindfulness to Children (Read more)

8 Week MBSR Course (Read more)

5 Day MBSR Course (Read more)

One to One Coaching Support for Teachers & Staff (Read more)

Supporting Staff to learn Mindfulness can help them:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve Well Being – Physically, Mentally and Emotionally
  • Increase Kindness & Compassion for one’s self and others
  • Increase Cognitive Performance-  Including the ability to pay attention and focus, make decisions and respond with greater flexibility & creativity
  • Enhance Job Performance


Bringing Mindfulness into Your School - How to do it and Where to start?

For Teachers & SNA’s to begin to share the gifts of mindfulness with their pupils & students they need to take time first to develop their own understanding & practice of Mindfulness. This takes times and dedication.

The best place to start is with teachers , supporting them to develop their own understanding and practice of Mindfulness which in time enables to train to teach mindfulness in their classroom.

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2-Hour Introduction Session for School Staff

Mindfulness Tools for Self Care & for the Classroom:

Croke Park Session for all staff

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This 2 Hour Workshop offered as part of the Croke Park Hours is aimed at supporting teachers, sna’s and all school staff understand the theory, practice and benefits of mindfulness for self care and for the classroom and school environment.  We deliver this through various Education Centres around the country and to Teacher/  Staff Groups in their own School as part of Croke Park Hours

During this session, teachers & staff will get an understanding of:

  • The theory & practical experience of cultivating various Mindfulness Practices.
  • The Mindful Brain: An Introduction to the Scientific Research of Mindfulness and its potential benefits for our Physical, Mental and Emotional Health and Well Being
  • Stress – What it is and how can mindfulness can support us to learn to respond more skillfully to the challenges and stresses in our daily lives.
  • Introduction to Mindfulness Programmes & Practices for the Classroom


The Session is a mixture of part lecture and part experiential giving participants time to engage in a variety of Mindfulness Practices, having a moment to Stop, Pause and Breathe for a moment.

We have offered this session to many education Centres around the country and in schools directly around the country including:

Cloghroe National School, Cork

Cloyne National School, Cork

Carrigaline Boys School, Cork

St. Teresians Junior School, Donnybrook, Co. Dublin

Belgrove Junior Boys School, Clontarf, Dublin

Scoil Nano Nagle , Clondalkin, Dublin

Scoil Chearbhaill Uí Dhálaigh, Leixlip, Co. Kildare

St. Andrew’s Junior School, Dublin

Scoil Naomh Feichin, Drogheda

St. Paul’s, Navan

St. Virgina’s School, Virginia, Co.Cavan

 Newport Boys School, Co. Tipperary

Kilmyshall National School, Co. Wexford



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Summer Training Course for Teachers

Course Information:

The intention for this summer course is to provide a nourishing space & time for self care supporting teachers to understand the role, benefits and ways of cultivating and integrating mindfulness into their own daily lives both at home and into their teaching and classroom.

Topics that are covered include:

Introduction to the theory & wide variety of Mindfulness Practices including Breath Work, Body Awareness, Mindful Movement, Mindful Walking & Awareness of the 5 Senses

The Science & Research of Mindfulness –  Understanding the benefit of it for health, well being and brain development.

Understanding Stress, how it manifests,  its impact on learning & performance and mindful ways of dealing more skillfully with it.

New Techniques & strategies for dealing with strong feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Being one’s own best friend –  Understanding the importance of Self Compassion & how to cultivate and nourish it further.

Mindful Communication & Mindfulness in Relationships.

Mindfulness Practices, Techniques and Resources for the Classroom

The course will be very experiential in nature with lots of time given to engage in Mindfulness Practices, reflection and group work.

The course is suitable to those who are new to Mindfulness & those who wish to develop their understanding more.


Testimonials from Past Course Participants:


A real eye opener. I feel like a new person with new perspectives. What was most useful is the amount of time I was encouraged to focus on me as a person.
I enjoyed this course immensely and found it extremely insightful, beneficial both at a personal level and a professional level. Clodagh was an excellent facilitator and made us all feel at ease. She is very welcoming, insightful, and knowledgeable. She created the perfect atmosphere, timing, and balance to the sessions.
Thank you Clodagh. You have a wonderful presence and beautiful way of ‘seeing everyone’. A Wonderful course. The best course on Mindfulness I have done. I would highly recommend it.
The course was excellent. 100% relevant to our needs, as people firstly and as professionals. Clodagh’s ‘soft and calm’ sensible, mindful approach was fantastic.Thank you Clodagh. The course really helped me and will help my class and school too.

One to One Coaching Support

for Teachers and Staff

Coaching is a dynamic and creative process focused on empowering , you the client, to be at your best.

Working with a coach provides you with an opportunity to stop, pause and reflect & connect to what you really want and need to change right now in your life & receive support to make those changes a reality.

Coaching enables us to find our own answers to the challenges we face and move forward with clarity, focus, energy and motivation.


Coaching can support you with:

  • Improving your Well Being- Mentally, Physically, & Emotionally
  • Build your Self Confidence, Self Esteem & Self Compassion
  • Create a better Work/ Life Balance and a greater sense of balance in all aspects of your life
  • Build inner resilience, belief and confidence in managing stress
  • Improve your capacity to manage difficult & challenging situations & relationships in your life.