Mindfulness at Work Programmes

Cultivating Well Being, Resilience & Relationships in the Workplace


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The world of work is changing. The ways in which we work are changing. With 24- 7 connectivity available to us,  the boundaries between work and personal life are ever closer and often blurring.

Organisations need employees who are flexible, adaptable, open, resilient and mentally and physically fit and capable of being truly present to meet the daily demands and pressures they face. The ability to be present and aware to whatever is going on can be cultivated through the systematic practice of Mindfulness.

Past Clients

Bright Sparks Coaching has an excellent reputation among Irish employers. We are trusted by

UCC, UL, LIT, CUH Hospital, Our Lady's Hospital, The Royal College of Surgeons, IBEC and many more.

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Why Mindfulness at Work?


Cultivating Mindfulness is a systematic & scientific approach to cultivating greater presence, awareness, insight and clarity supporting leaders and all members of the organisation to:

  • See, Hear , and Think more clearly
  • Focus and Concentrate
  • Be engaged and fully present in any moment & know it
  • Renew, restore and generate energy creating balance and an improved sense of overall well being
  • Develop and increase emotional intelligence of self and others
  • Access & explore creative thinking, problem solving and innovation
  • Learn to respond & relate more wisely to challenges & difficulties

The practice and integration of Mindfulness into the work environment supports our capacity to listen deeply and understand and see situations more clearly. Living mindfully invites us to move from living and acting on ‘automatic pilot’ to living consciously, making decisions from an aware place, seeing the bigger picture and seeing things more clearly. Cultivating mindfulness supports us relate to ourselves and others with a greater level of compassion, understanding and kindness. By developing the capacity to be aware and conscious from moment to moment it enables us to access our innate inner resources and natural capacity for calm, balance and peace.

Bringing Mindfulness to your Workplace

Bright Sparks would be delighted to work with you to see how we can bring Mindfulness to your organization. Each Organisation is unique so we will work with you to tailor a programme that meets your needs.


Here are a selection of courses and workshops that we offer


Mindfulness Tools for Living Well - Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop (Read more)

Being Mindful - 6 Week Mindfulness Course (Read more)

Minding Me Mini Retreats - Half Day/ Day follow on sessions after a course (Read more)

Team Renewal Day/ Half Day - Being Together & Being Mindful (Read more)

Programmes details:


Mindfulness Tools For Living Well: Introduction Workshop

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This short workshop is aimed at introducing people to the theory, practice and science of Mindfulness as a way of creating greater focus, balance and well being in one’s daily personal and professional life. This session is experiential in nature with emphasis placed on providing time to explore the following:

  1.  The Theory & Practical Experience of completing various mindfulness exercises including Breath Work and Body Awareness Practices.
  2.  The Mindful Brain –  Understanding the Science of Mindfulness & Research showing the positive impact on the Brain, Body and Heart.
  3. Mindfulness & Stress - Building your own resilience
  4. Being Mindful at Work - Where do I start?

This session ideally serves as an Introduction for people to see if they would like to engage in a following on weekly course. The session can last an 1hr -1.5hrs as an lunch and learn session or longer as a morning or afternoon session. This can be organised in house at a time that suits depending on what’s available.

Minding me: mini retreats

After staff have completed a course, you might like to help them maintain the momentum of practice by offering a monthly or quarterly mini retreat on site. This is an opportunity for practice, discussion and further professional and personal development.

Team renewal: a day or half day of mindful living

This provides a perfect opportunity for a team to step away from the usual work day to take time to nourish oneself and your team relationships. During the day, staff will learn and practice how to cultivate mindfulness, understand its many benefits and uses in creating greater inner resilience, managing stress, building better relationships and communication. Staff will leave the day feel refreshed, revived, more open and aware of oneself and others.

being mindful - 6 week programme in mindfulness and mindful living

This is 6 week programme is inspired from and based on the world renowned Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR) founded by Dr Jon Kabat Zinn at the Centre for Mindfulness in Boston.

Extensive Scientific Research has been completed on this programme showing its effectiveness in decreasing stress and anxiety and improving overall health and wellbeing. In a study taken in the work environment, results showed that employees who had taken the MBSR course showed increased left-side activation of the Prefrontal Area of the Brain, which is associated with positive emotion and a greater rise in antibody titers towards the Flu vaccination that was given to both participants / non participants.


Each week provides an opportunity for employees to step away from their usual work day giving themselves time to focus on themselves, nourishing themselves and returning to their work with a greater sense of calm, focus, openness and balance.

In the course , participants will be learn how to:

  • Practice a range of Mindfulness Tools & Techniques that can be easily integrated throughout the day at home and in work
  • Be more responsive and manage stress in mindful ways.
  • Understand how to manage one’s feelings, emotions and thoughts in ways that supports one, not depletes one.
  • Bring Mindfulness into Communication and their relationships with others.
  • Bring Mindfulness into their daily life at home and at work